3 big bangus or milk fish                                               1/2 kilo ground pork
1 1 tbsp. garlic                                                             1 cup seedless raisins
1 onion, finely chopped                                                1 cup well drained canned green peas
1 tbsp. salt                                                                   2 beaten eggs
3 tbsp. soy sauce                                                         2 tbsp. flour
   soy sauce and calamansi or lemon
Wash fish.
Slit the head portion and remove gills and entrails.
Rinse well.
Pound body of fish to loosen flesh inside and bend the bones.
Take care that skin remains intact.
Remove the flesh from the head portion and wash fish skin thoroughly.
Lay skin aside and scald the meat to facilitate separating meat from bones.
Saute garlic with butter.
When brown, add onion, tomatoes and cook well before adding the bangus meat and ground pork.
Lastly, add peas, raisins and eggs.
Season mixture with salt and pepper.
Stuff this mixture into the fish skin carefully so that the fish looks whole again.
Fish can either be fried or broiled.
Serve in a platter and garnish with fresh tomatoes.


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